Who Move My Cheese????

Who Move My Cheese is about a change that we have to talk to survive.

Who Move My Cheese
Who Move My Cheese

This story about a change that we make and we want. Learn by a simple metaphor that show if we dare to take a change take in… it will bring positive impact towards us. Change can be happen in family arrangement… in office… where involve change in management. It’s not about looking for those who make it wrong… we have to keep on finding the solution for the real problem. Only people who dare to change will survive. Let’s we see the short cartoon about it….

This is my cheese
This is my cheese
The actor in the house....
The actor in the house….

So what is you understanding…. do you think by making a change in life…in decision can help us became better and better…

Need more explanation about this book… Who Move My Cheese…  you can continue by listen to this audio books….

May you are READY now to make a move…



This can summarize the whole story about…. the mind mapping can draw a bigger picture about change… From the story we can understand about change as below picture talk about change happens, anticipate change, monitor change, adapt to change quickly, change, enjoy change and be ready to change again and enjoy quickly.




This picture show how structured the change and tell about the character show in video and relate to individual change or organization change.



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